Happy May…

Well once every 5 months is better than once every six months isn’t it?

OK well I’m here because I’ve started going to life drawing classes again, which is brilliant. I thought perhaps I could post some stuff in case you’re interested.

We did 4 pictures in 2 hours with a decent break in the middle, so none of them were longer than 20 mins.

These classes are very tightly guided, which is totally unlike the ones I used to go to in Lincoln, but I’m really pleased because it’s going to be very good for me, given the lack of practice recently.

This week it was charcoal, chalk and (until the last picture) one colour. It was like being back at college – ace!

Week 2, picture 1
So the first one was just launching everyone into the medium, because not everyone had used charcoal or chalk before. We were encouraged to use the colour as a midtone, which is interesting and not something I’d do naturally.

Week 2, picture 2
More of the same but a trickier pose. It’s ended up looking a bit like a girl for some reason. It wasn’t. I think the thigh’s ended up looking a bit fleshy and some of the rubbing out looks like long hair.
Week 2, picture 3
This one didn’t go very well at all – I was having terrible trouble with the shoulder. He has very prominent shoulder blades, and I just wasn’t getting the proportions right, plus the twist in the torso added another tricky element, and we could have done with a lot longer to nail it. Anyway, it wasn’t about proportional pickiness, it was about mark making – technique was white chalk on black paper, then start off the drawing by eroding into it – rubbing out the white. I like anything that gets rid of blank paper, and it’s easier than the similar thing we did at college with a pencil. We must have been there for half an hour covering the paper…

Week 2, picture 4
Same technique but starting off by covering the paper with a colour, and I ran off to grab a contrasting colour at this point. I love the effect it’s had. It was also on purple paper, so it’s a riot of colourblindness nightmare.

More soon – watch this space. But not all the time because that’d be very boring.


~ by Rachel on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Happy May…”

  1. Wow awesome xxx

  2. I’m glad someone else is as bad at updating their blog as i am! Lovely drawings as ever Rachel, hope we don’t have to wait too much longer to see more…

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