Fridge poem

Hello everyone…anyone…  How are you all?  It’s been a while.  Sorry.

House-selling things are still happening and taking priority over everything else.  I don’t feel able to be artist if I’m being a tidy person, the two don’t really work together for me.  Plus cleaning is exhausting.

I’m taking a short break from de-frosting the fridge freezer and I got the urge to tell you about my fridge poem.  I’ve got one of those magnetic word things, and it just occurred to me that I probably ought to take it off now as it’s a bit messy.  I was horrified to discover that it’s actually left feint stripes where the paint has yellowed less under the magnets without the ‘glare’ of what little sun we have here.  Good God, I didn’t expect screen burn from fridge magnet writing.

I don’t suppose you can get screen savers for your fridge can you?

It’s a sad sort of time – getting rady to make the house not mine any more, but good things await.

Anyway, here’s the last fridge poem I’ll ever do in this house, in all its random glory.  The other half takes credit for line 2 and part of line 1 (Des).  There’s something very relaxing about arranging words on a fridge together.

Des kept euphoria beans.  Needs milk, no cookies.

He keeps doing Christmas cartoons

Our happiness is full of dinner.

Big new rainbows will always be quiet together (that’s my favourite line)

Weekend breakfast being pizza

Baking doughnuts (we don’t actually do that)

Making splits as if by magic.

I don’t desire good jeans or chocolate

Did they ever let my puppies home?

Sunshine in that spring gentle breeze.

There on Sunday children playing have a good day laughing

Kindly we all smile    Wonder at old movies

with blue memories     A nothing moon

You would parade secret parties

Grandpa never hearing from the other room

Grandma is afternoon shopping for birthday presents

Singing her mousse song

Buying flowers cake ice cream

Dad says bears can’t have your best favourite jelly.

Who knows?

Cheer up love.


~ by Rachel on May 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Fridge poem”

  1. i like the randomness of fridge poetry – there are some great lines here and some lovely images (i like ‘Grandma… singing her mousse song’ and Happiness being ‘full of dinner’) it’s not a million miles away from cut up techniques (as famously used by David Bowie). And Good Luck with moving … we’ve just sold our house but haven’t found anywhere to go yet, so keep your fingers crossed!

  2. It reminds me of ee cummings… summer is a perhaps hand.. and David Bowies cut up technique … I’m an Alligator .. I so wish I had concentrated hard in English at school – I have ‘grown up’ loving the way words work.

  3. Hey, Rachel! How’s the house-selling going?! I hope things are coming along. I know exactly what you mean about the frustration of having to keep the place tidy. This is a great poem, a beautiful swan song for your magnets. “A nothing moon.” I especially like that.

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