Mothering Sunday

I’m feeling very guilty at the moment. I seem to have followed that relatively productive phase with 2 weeks of total stagnation. I blame the cleaning. I had some visitors and had to spend a whole week of evenings cleaning, so all this went out of the window. I’ve said it before – you don’t have time to go to work, paint, eat and keep the house tidy, there are only room for a maximum of 3 of those.

Anyway, Sunday being Mother’s Day, and me already being committed to somewhere other than my parents’ house this weekend, if I’m not going to be there then I can’t do the double whammy of not-there/ bought-card, so I had to give myself a swift kick from behind and do a flower.

My mum gets blue flowers – it’s our thing. If I buy her a card I have to trawl the shops in search of a blue flower. Last year was a corn flower. This year it’s love-in-a-mist, coloured pencil on printer paper. I think I like normal printer paper best for coloured pencil work as I like a very smooth paper with very little give.


A word about my mum – she’s quite remarkable really. She’s always been fiercely capable in my memory, which sounds like a weird thing to say, but that sort of describes her, to me. She can’t drive because she doesn’t have sight in one eye, but when I was growing up I was ferried quite happily to and from school say on the seat of her bike while she pushed it, then she could cycle the other way. Genius really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m making her sound like a single mother – she wasn’t but my dad was at work with the car…

She’s always been incredibly healthy as well, diving wholeheartedly and stubbornly into every dietary need (much to my dad’s bacon-related disappointment), so when she randomly turned out to need a double heart bypass a couple of years ago it rather threw everyone. In any case, she bounced back with a vengeance and now walks everywhere. She’d probably do a marathon if she thought there was any point to it. She’s not the kind of person to stop moving around at speed if she can help it, my mum.

Here she is on the left with her church ladies doing a rap. Yes a rap. No they don’t normally wear this stuff. Yes, they were mucking about.

She’s on the left. She’ll be 70 this year.


I know.

Yes, the one on the left, with the thing that looks like a fried egg round her neck.

Yes, 70. She doesn’t even colour her hair either.

I believe she wears those trousers for gardening now.


~ by Rachel on March 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “Mothering Sunday”

  1. gorgeous!!!

  2. Lovely flower for an incredible lady! I loved reading your testimony to your mom!

  3. Beautiful picture- I got a chuckle out of your Mum’s antics 🙂

  4. Your mother’s day flower is beautiful. Sounds like you have a great mother,

  5. HA! Oh, I LOVE your mother! She sounds wonderful and so young and fun. She must be fantastic, because she spawned a fabulous artist and writer, too. Such a loving tribute, and wow, just look at that flower. It will knock her socks off, I’m sure!

  6. Your mother sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could know her. Beautiful flower 🙂

  7. I will always miss my Mum and would love the opportunity to have just one more conversation with her. I’m happy for you because your comments are that wonderful conversation you should have with your Mum. I hope she has read it and I’m sure she is very proud and happy to have a daughter who can write so eloquently as well as produce such beautiful pictures.

  8. I love what you wrote about your mum – she looks like a great woman. Bet she loved the flower…

  9. Rachel, it’s unbelievably, completely fab to read you and be able to hear your voice saying it. It’s been way too long.

    Amazing stuff about your mum too; i’ve wondered loads about you all over the years and your birthday never goes by without me thinking “that’s Rachel’s birthday” – i even said it when booking something the other week (‘huh, the only thing that date means to me is my school friend’s birthday!’) and it was that which made me think you look you up, lol.

    Lots of love – hope to catch up sometime 🙂

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