EDM #211. In the style of…


I don’t really know how well I expected to get on with this. I have a sort of amnesia for how good I am [not] at skies. I love taking pictures of dramatic sunsets and looming clouds but every time I try to paint them, they go all sort of… not-sky-like. Except that within about 2 days I’ve forgotten that, and start to think “oh come on, how hard could it be?”

So it was with immense idiocy that I decided it’d be fun to try to do one of the photos I took the other weekend a la Turner. Him of the really good skies.

Yeah, like that was going to work. I suppose it might have helped if I had a Turner in front of me. But no, why make life easier for yourself when you can make it pretty much impossible?

So here’s my retrospective justification: when you spend most of your time fiddling about with tiny little pictures, it’s good to fling a big brush about occasionally. It is therefore with dubious pleasure that I present, for your entertainment: Therapy.

Not remotely in the style of Turner.

Or even particularly in the style of a sky.
Media: cheap acrylic & cat hairs on corrugated cardboard

It looks a bit like the head of a cartoon dinosaur actually. Or a dog with a white body and a black head.
Oh well, the best laid plans… 🙂


~ by Rachel on February 16, 2009.

17 Responses to “EDM #211. In the style of…”

  1. This is breathtaking……………………..

  2. Well if it makes you feel any better, your post made me laugh 🙂

    But you’re being far too hard on yourself. It looks like a sky, and a very nice sky at that. And NOT like a dinosaur.

  3. It is very breathtaking! I do not see the dinosaur or dog in it at all and I am one of those cloud watchers who can see figures in their shapes. Great work on this drawing/painting.

  4. *I* think it is lovely…

  5. Hey, I think your sky is beautiful!!!!

  6. i think it’s fantatsic. Turner is one of my faves. This is great – well done!

  7. Gosh – thanks guys! It just didn’t turn out how I was expecting so I was a bit disappointed, although it’s so lovely to see all your positive comments!

    I think what else made it tricky was that it was a spontaneous decision to paint it on a piece of corrugated card that we’d been using over the weekend to prop up a triptych that the other half was doing. The bobbly texture started coming through as soon as it got wet, so it was a bit like trying to paint on the pavement. 🙂

  8. Well it looks pretty ‘looming’ and sky-like to me – in fact I think it’s beautiful.

  9. I think it’s very cool -that is really hard to do! I think it really looks like the sun peeking out from behind the storm clouds – you did a great job!

  10. It’s a gorgeous sky. You should be pleased with the lovely light you captured.

  11. Rachel, you are so fun and your sky is very skyesque! What a great post!

  12. It Looks like a FABULOUS sky to me – Great job!!!

  13. I enjoyed reading your post but I have to disagree – this sky is beautiful!

  14. Rachel, you are hysterical! Your sky is dramatic. Just the kind that takes my breath away after a storm. I think it’s really nicely done. Especially, considering the materials you used (no cats were harmed in the process, I hope). I love the rays of light. 🙂

  15. No – the cat hair was entirely incidental – it was self-applying so required very little effort.

    How DOES cat hair get EVERYWHERE? My boyfriend found some in his freezer last week. And he lives 90 miles away.

    Thanks again everyone – you’re all lovely lovely people!

  16. Hello Rachel.. thanks for visiting me and saying such nice things!!
    Lovely to meet you and your work.. a great painting this is!
    Perhaps we’ll meet you on our way through Lincoln another time 🙂 Yes I agree – it is funny how the internet enables us to peep into other’s lives that we’d normally just pass by 🙂
    Sending best wishes from the house on wheels

  17. I think the rays of light and the cloudy sky works and makes a great picture. It was fun hearing how you created it.

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