IF: Time

It’s a bit like a slightly sad Christmas card, but it’ll do.  It’s kind of topical.

I feel sorry for him now, I wish I hadn’t made him look so sad in the middle one. Mind you, he did look a bit too smug to begin with…

Sometimes on Fridays when I’m waiting for the topic to change on Illustration Friday, I think about Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree. It’s like waiting for the land to move on and a new one to take its place. I wonder if you can get trapped in an IF topic if you post just as it changes?


~ by Rachel on February 11, 2009.

23 Responses to “IF: Time”

  1. this is really nice, enjoyed your watercolor of the pond as well.

  2. Excellent– love the texture of this piece.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful image this weeks word.

  4. Beautiful illustration! I love the color on the dark background.

  5. I really like this trio! Did you start with black paper?

  6. Thanks Shirley – yes I did! It’s my favourite thing at the moment, it feels cosier 🙂

  7. Aww, poor Mr. Snowman! Beautiful illustration, though; I think his expression is appropriate :).

  8. This is not that SAD! Frosty will come another Day! Let the child in you out to play.
    We had a Doggie SnowDog! He will be back again some day! I will go out and play again. Heading out into the Rain! Almost Snow Flakes. Maybe Today?

    Sherrie Roberts

  9. I love coloured paper for drawing on- and he SHOULD look sad when he melts!

  10. Oh my God! It’s so so sad – but it’s brilliant – you are absolutley brilliant! I love your work, it’s totally amazing I would buy this as a christmas card, it’s too cool!

  11. Oh my gosh, how deliciously macabre. I love it!!! You have multiple elements conveying the passage of time, which is brilliant. And I like his scattered, lifeless limbs strewn about. Excellent illo!

    And your landscape pond below is amazing! Wow!

  12. Brilliant!! I love it!!!

  13. This is so beautiful and so sad. Wonderful execution and interpretation of the topic!

  14. Great work – love it!

  15. Rache, thank you so much for your advice on how to fix my clementine sketch. It’s people like you who make the EDM list so valuable, and I appreciate you taking the time to pass on your wisdom.

  16. I am in love with this snowman series page—just sooooo delightful–I can’t wait to see your Challenge 211 In The Style Of 🙂

  17. I must add that I painted on nothing but black in the last 10 years and love it–I would not use regular brushes—I loved things coming out of it—this I can’t do in the Moleskine journals with the watercolor pencilsand truly miss it…

  18. This is somberly delightful :)… A perfect take on the topic! 🙂

  19. He does look REALLy sad in the middle. Aw. Poor bugger. This is so gorgeous, Rachel. A perfect Christmas card image. And, your Turner painting is great too. I like your blog, it’s always entertaining.

  20. You nailed the existential angst of time so perfectly: poignant to the last drop.
    First visit to your work…not the last.

  21. thanks for visiting my blog! I love your snowman! He’s very cute, even if very sad!

  22. Oh dear! it’s a beautiful illo! It reminds me of an animation, .. There was a little boy who made a snowman . At night he dreamed he & the snowman are flying in the sky and they became good friends, and in that dream the snowman gave a scarf to the boy as a gift.The day after he went to greet his snowy friend , but he was melted away… Suddenly the boy realized the scarf he gave him was on his neck and it was real 🙂 end of the story 😀

  23. So lovely. You really ought to illustrate a children’s book … these are magical. I’ve visited before but this visit i took the time to look at absolutely everything and i’ve enjoyed it all so much. Your work is fantastic Rachel, and i like the things you write too. It’s very inspiring. I’ll definitely be following your blog from now on.
    Thanks also for your lovely comments on mine. I love writing it but seeing all you’ve done has made me realise i have to be brave and post more drawings as well as just writing. Thank you 🙂

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