Snowy day

Yesterday was an interesting one.   Snow had been forecast but I didn’t really expect it to happen for some reason.  Getting to work was kind of slidey but the snow suddenly stopped and then began to melt just after lunchtime.  When I got home I decided to take advantage of the last of it with a birthday greeting.  The recipient shall remain nameless because they haven’t seen it yet, so I’ve not included the name, but here’s the top bit:

Snow card

Snow card

Ann – please consider this a belated birthday greeting!   Reading your blog made me think to post this. 

It basically takes up my entire lawn, so all the people in the flats who overlook it have probably got the point, especially now it’s frozen solid…  They’ll be sick of the sight of it by Monday.

And here’s my cat ‘helping’.  Unfortunately he has a tendency to copy me, so while I was scraping the snow away from where I didn’t want it, he was pawing it all back again.  Bless him (through gritted teeth).

Santa's little helper...

Santa's little helper...

Here’s another picture that I found interesting.  It’s the same view as a watercolour I did a few years ago, but about 4 years on and in the snow.  It’s incredible just how much of it has stayed the same actually!


You might recognise it if you’ve had a look at my landscapes on here (well, if you’ve got an astonishingly good memory…) 

Gary – I haven’t forgotten – honest.  I might have just, er, lost the work in progress a bit…  (I’m doing a copy for a friend!  At least I’m meant to be.)

Anyway, I’m working from home today, so I’d better get on with it.  Wrap up warm everyone.


~ by Rachel on February 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “Snowy day”

  1. Rachel, what a great idea. Man, really great. I hope there’s snow her on the 14th because I might just give my sweetie a message in the snow.

  2. How sweet! Thanks for the birthday greetings!

  3. This is a super idea – your friend must have been thrilled. I think your neighbours are very lucky to have such an artistic persona living nearby – especially one who so generously shares her talent.

  4. Fantastic card idea — really unique. Love the landscape photograph. The watercolour painting is beautiful, the reflections are really good and the haziness in the distance. Gorgeous.

  5. You have a very talented cat, He should perhaps use lower case when writing birthday messages in the snow, it looks like he’s shouting, although, a rousing ‘Happy Birthday’ sounds appropriate to using capitals. Well done Jerry!

  6. Love the landscape and the snowy photo of it- makes me want to paint it 😉
    And what a great idea for a birthday greeting- if only I had snow… :/

  7. Ohh your w/c! The soft bkgrnd trees! That wonderful warm yellowy green foreground….such a soft center of retreat feeling. The snow message is brilliant, bet yours and kittys paws were well chilled by the time this one was done.

  8. Thanks Susan – I don’t know about the cat’s paws, but I do know I saturated 3 pairs of gloves and they weren’t dry for a good few days! 😀


  10. Aw, this is such a fabulous post. Love the Birthday wish, the kitty and the gorgeous landscape.

  11. Wow…so cute! This is a media I’ve never explored 🙂

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