Snow crisis!

Groan.  It’s that time of year again.  3 flakes of snow, and the morning news is filled with panic.  

For some reason I was wide awake at 3.30am and the allure of the view was too much for someone with recent sketch book re-enthusiasm, so I began to clear a space on the window sill in the spare room, which is no mean feat, and barely 3 hours later I was ready to start drawing.  Well OK that might be a slight exaggeration…

tweet, rumble, silence

tweet, rumble, silence

The photo is dark, but that’s deliberate because I was drawing it in the dark by streetlight, so it looked like this to me.  There are two sets of cat prints – those on the right are a slow interested stroll out to investigate the white stuff.  Those on the left are a quick trot back again because it’s COLD.

I wrote  ‘tweet’, ‘rumble’, ‘silence’ on it, because I was looking at one of the entries in An Illustrated Life where the guy had scribbled sound effects on his drawings, which I thought was a fantastic idea, so I mercilessly stole it.  The snow was deadening most of the background noises you usually get from living in a city centre, but the birds were just starting to wake up and go “what the…?” and the odd lorry was trundling down the High Street in the distance.   It’s a wonderful time to be up and about, if and only if you know you can get straight back into bed and stay there for a couple of hours afterwards.  Which I did.

We have about an inch of snow now (at least here we do), and some of the schools are still closing.   It’s powdery though, so I think it’s drafting quite effectively in places.  They’ll be panic-buying at the supermarket as well I should imagine….   I’m off to buy all the tins of soup I can find and board up the doors and windows.  Ha ha ha ha…

I gather it’s a lot worse down south though, so please don’t take offense if you’re cold, wet and fed up, having just got home from 5 hours stuck on the M25.  Have  a nice cup of tea and put the fire on.


~ by Rachel on February 2, 2009.

9 Responses to “Snow crisis!”

  1. This ios excellent—I love the tracks especially and how you discribed it takes us there!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! It’s got a nice 3:30 am feel to it.. silent, white and the snow reflecting the bleak lights.

  3. Oooh, lovely drawing. And, the dark photo adds to the atmosphere.

    Don’t forget, we only know so much about it because there is snow down south. Up here in the North, where we are all hard as nails, it snows like this regularly. I did venture out to Morrsions for some bread, funnily enough! And, there was a hairy moment when my car started sliding down the hill. I am half Northen, though, so I managed to get through the situation, without telling everyone about it and changing my status on Facebook. Oh no. I actually did the opposite.

  4. Wonderfully atmospheric. I’m thinking that our snow is done for the season and I didn’t attempt a single sketch. Wasteful me.

  5. Great job capturing the looking down perspective, I feel like I’m looking out the window myself

  6. Andrea – I thought the same watching the news this morning! Whatever’s happening in London applies to the whole UK though, we know that much… 😀

  7. Great idea – trust you have overnight heating in your study room ??- and so well executed. So atmospheric – like reading a little story as we scan across the page. We too in Norfolk just 15 miles off east coast have missed most of it too, as it swept north west up from Kent, Essex and London.

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

    Joan – that room has the hot water tank in, so it’s perpetually warm. The cat recognises this too, so we’re always fighting over the computer chair. 🙂

  9. This was really nice! Other people already have the key words in their comments, so I’ll just say I really liked the sketch :).

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