IF: Climbing

Here’s my take on this week’s Illustration Friday.  Similar medium to last week, black and white pastel base, but with colour added on top.  The colour is part pencil and part pastel.  I mostly used watercolour pencils because I found that if I use them quite lightly you get get away with pastel over the top too, which is good for highlights.


IF: Climbing

The perspective is a bit dodgy, but you trying googling ‘giant bean pole from above’ and see how many useful reference images you get. 😀  I ended up peering down the end of a freezer bag tie.  Not quite on the same scale…

Is this version better?  I’m not sure if the trees are helping…


Climbing 2


~ by Rachel on January 29, 2009.

9 Responses to “IF: Climbing”

  1. I like the perspective / point of view. Nicely done.
    If I were to advise you to change anything, it would be the clouds, which need to look whispier, less like gumballs.

  2. Cool! I love your choice of perspective on this.

  3. Oohh! I love it! Brings back such memories!

  4. Great idea and well done! I couldn’t think of anything “original” for this one :(…

  5. Marta – ha ha ha, they’re meant to be trees! Kind of stylised trees…hence the green… maybe that didn’t come across so well (actually they don’t look all that green on here do they?), oh well, you live and learn. 😀

    (Maybe I’ll crop it higher to get rid of some of them – mwah ha ha ha…)

  6. This is wonderful, the viewpoint is a brilliant idea, looking down like that. One mans tree is another mans cloud, as the famous saying goes … 🙂

  7. I like everything and I think it’s perfect. I love the color palette that you use for your IF pieces…Very dramatic and you seem to set the perfect mood. You will have to post your color choices some time. We have great tastes in blog themes!

  8. I love it (and I get the trees). Love the perspective and the colours as well as your style, the trees fit the fantasy perfectly.

  9. the perspective of the bean pole and the ground don’t match but not a big deal – it works with the stylization. the ground looks great!

    maybe those trees look like clouds because they’re so much bigger than the ones behind the houses/along the water shore?

    i like the “climbing 2” crop better.

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