Thinking about illustration

This week I’ve been browsing through some stunningly inspiring sites by amazing illustrators.  Well in some ways it’s inspiring.  In others ways it’s quite depressing.   I think I’m an instant gratification person – when I see something really beautiful I’m immediately disappointed that I can’t create it myself. 

It did make me think though, that what REALLY makes me tick is wonderful, calm, quiet, dark, mysterious, atmospheric illustration.

The first blog that got me quite excited in this respect was Lisa Falzon’s. I’d urge you to spend some time having a look at this site and her .com as well, there’s some amazing stuff in there.  Like this:

I mean look at that face – what an expression!   Lisa’s stuff just catches some kind of atmosphere – I don’t know whether it’s in the combination of images she uses or the slightly hard expressions on the otherwise dreamy characters, but it’s really quite unique.

From her site I continued to be awestruck by various other characters such as Lisa Evans and Faye Durston, each of whom have got more amazing links from their sites… The problem with this sort of trail is that you end up looking at more and more beautiful work and don’t get on with anything of your own.  Plus the sheer volume of incredible talent out there can get quite intimidating.

I’m now on a bit of a quest to find my own way of expressing that magical quality that grabs me in the work of each of these people, if that’s possible.  I keep thinking back to my earliest ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ memories, and all I can remember ever saying was that I wanted to write books and draw the pictures.  I think the first thing I learn to do is commit more time to a picture.  I’m getting horribly sloppy and it’s not a good thing.

Wish me luck…

(PS – you may notice that Lisa Falzon has a give-away on at the moment.  That might have been the trigger for me to write about this, but it wasn’t the only reason. :-))


~ by Rachel on January 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thinking about illustration”

  1. Hi Rachel

    Love the blog – have you seen this site I stumbled upon it and go back often!

    Hope life is good! Drop me an email sometime and let me know how you’re getting on.

    Nicky PJ

  2. Hi Rachel – found you via another blog you had commented in which gave me the idea that you were local to me. I am in Norfolk and I see you are in Lincolnshire. Really enjoyed viewing your diversity of work and found the gouache and ink technique interesting. Currently working on two new methods ie YUPO (plastic finish ground) with watercolour and the Zentangles – Oh well why noth a third. Thanks also for the link to Lisa’s outstanding illustrations. I’ll add you to my favourites.

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