People/ some EDM challenges

Moving swiftly on from dolls in tupperware… I did a handful of sketches on the train yesterday.  Up first, a woman with a fantastic face who was so completely engrossed in a puzzle she was doing that I managed to do a couple of sketches of her with different expressions.

Also on this page is Santa, looking out of the window.

People on train

People on train

Then I moved onto a more stationary target – me.  It’s a bit of a dodgy drawing in that the right eye really isn’t.  Right, that it.  The mouth’s about right though.  The tricky thing about this picture was that because I was on the train the light was constantly changing.  Which I think is why the lighting on the eyes is so dodgy.


It then occurred to me that I can tick off some EDM challenges from this:

EDM 56: Draw a self portrait

EDM 65: Draw your nose

EDM 114: Draw something ugly that you love and keep for sentimental reasons.

EDM 136: Draw something that’s alive

EDM 138: Draw something soft

EDM 152: Draw a nut

EDM 167: Draw something that needs fixing

EDM 200: Draw something lucky.


~ by Rachel on January 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “People/ some EDM challenges”

  1. LOVE the train sketches.

  2. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much over these – the travellers sketch is good and you’ve identified the problems with the self-portrait. Now do ten more. 🙂

  3. Great train sketches and self-portrait. So funny how you made it to be all those challenges!!

  4. wow! your drawings are amazing!!!

  5. And this could also be “draw something witty” if there was such a category! Lovely job!.

  6. hee hee excellent response to the challenges – very witty, and nice drawing too.

  7. hey there! i have started a new blog to showcase portraits that people draw on the train or subway. i was wondering if i could feature your work with a link to your website / flickr stream / twitter or whatever you want?

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