EDM #1

I finally did one!  Below is EDM challenge number one.  I can’t promise I’m going to do all of them (I’m not as disciplined as you lot) but from here I think I’ll make an effort to pick  some more out.

EDM #1 - Draw a shoe

EDM #1 - Draw a shoe

 This is one of my posh Fly sandals that my lovely other half bought me as a present a year or two ago.  I have to say he’s lovely, he’s reading this over my shoulder.

“No I’m not” he just said.  Mwah ha ha ha…


~ by Rachel on January 10, 2009.

9 Responses to “EDM #1”

  1. I think you will find the challenge was ‘draw a shoe’ not draw a sandal, my father is not as pedantic as I, therefore hasn’t commented… ( doh! just been caught out 🙂 lovely drawing SH

  2. You have a great eye for the subtle shadings!

  3. Cute shoe!! I’d wear it… My Dh picks my shoes too- I get his seal of approval before I buy :p
    great job!

  4. ooooooh, lovely.

  5. Very elegant drawing!

  6. Really a lovely shoe. As for doing EDM challenges, every journey begins with a single step…

  7. The drawing itself is disciplined!! What fine attention to detail, shading and tone.

  8. Steve! Shame on you trying to pin pedantry on your innocent daughter. I’ll be having stern words next week. 🙂 (Although thanks for the plug on your site – ha ha ha)

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. x

  9. Never knew you had such a self controlled side.
    Loved the detail and am impressed.

    Well done

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