Happy New Kittens… I mean scanner… I mean Year

Another year, another load of new gadgets and a bigger pile of quick start guides, warranties and cables cables cables.  This year’s first new toy is a scanner, which is fabulous because I’ve not had one to myself before.  At least it would be fabulous but it argues with my laptop.

Scanner: Can I scan something please?

Laptop: Yeah you can scan it, but don’t give it here, it’s massive.

Scanner: Oh go on. It’s not that bad.

Laptop: It is, I can see it.  It’s like, 40 meg or something.  Go away.

Scanner:  Oh it’ll be fine. Increase your virtual memory just in case.

Laptop: I can’t be bothered, I’m too tired.

Scanner: Go on, try.

Laptop: Oh alright then…. <strain>….. nah, can’t.

Scanner: Right, well I’m chucking it over anyway, so you’ll just have to crash.


Finally got it to cooperate by temporarily disabling the antivirus software, which always makes me uncomfortable even when my broadband connection is quite clearly on the opposite end of the table.

Broadband is gadget number two.  Mobile broadband from 3, which comes in a handy USB stick, cleverly designed to be just thick enough that you can’t plug anything in next to it. Other than that I’ve no complaints though, it seems to be behaving.

Oh – painting!  Just finished a picture of some friends’ new kittens (well, they were new in about November, they’ve probably doubled in size by now.

Cliff & Denise's kittens

Cliff & Denise's kittens

I really enjoyed doing this.  I wanted to try something fairly loose using coloured ink on wet.  It’s not ended up quite as loose as I wanted, but in places I think it’s worked.  I like the process of wettening the bit you want to colour, then dabbing the ink in and just letting it spread across the area.


~ by Rachel on January 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Happy New Kittens… I mean scanner… I mean Year”

  1. I’m so glad it’s not just me that has the scanner issues – although it’s my scanner that has the bad attitude and not my laptop!

    I love your kittens picture, I really like that loose inky style and they look so cosy all curled up 🙂

  2. Love the picture- they look so cosy! I too look at card as just ‘more drawing material’! In fact I saw some in a pile of junk mail on the table this morning- and it was the only thing I kept aside to keep LOL

  3. I hope you solve your scanner/laptop problem, that can be SO frustrating. And I love your soft, loose kitten sketch…nicely done!

  4. What cute kitties. I don’t throw away scrap paper either. Hey, It’s free paper!

  5. Simply adorable

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