Christmas cards

Well it’s only a couple of weeks to go.  I decided that this year, rather than plan to make my own cards, run out of time, buy them anyway and then feel guilty –  if I started a picture in my moleskine I might actually finish it, then I could use it as a card.

I took a few photos outside the cathedral during the Christmas market just after it had rained, and the composition on one just came out beautifully, entirely by the chance.

I drew it in ink first, then last night I started mucking about – I wanted to colourise it, but I didn’t want to wreck the original, so  I printed it out onto cartridge paper and put some colour onto the print-out with watercolour, then a tiny bit of acrylic to bring out the highlights and lowlights.

It’s had an interesting effect and I think the colourised version has more depth, but at the expense of some of the detail.   It was an interesting exercise anyway.

Lincoln Christmas Market - after the rain

Lincoln Christmas Market - after the rain





~ by Rachel on December 11, 2008.

21 Responses to “Christmas cards”

  1. Love the Christmas Card

  2. Utterly beautiful, Rachel! I like the atmosphere and whimsy caught in the composition.

    Personally I like the black version better, perhaps because it gives (to me) a purer & stronger impression ~ though the colourised version is softer. I’m guessing it would be a very personal choice, in the end. =)

    Very inspiring!

  3. I’m so crazy about the those window details yet the colored one
    has a warm glow—-so both survive in a split decision. Wonderful work Rachel!

  4. Great artwork! I like the b/w best, but both are very beautiful.

  5. Holy Humbling Homily Rachel. These are amazing. I too love the detail of the windows in the blk and wht and appreciate the softness of the colourized. Oh to be on your mailing list. LOvely

  6. They are both beautiful. The black version seems more timeless…

  7. These are really great, Rachel. I think I like the black and white version best. But both are really god.

  8. These are both beautiful – wonderful card images!

  9. They’re stunning. The sharpness and clarity of detail in the b&w original and then the softness and sheen of the coloured version. What a beautiful card for someone to receive.

  10. Oh gosh, they are both so good it is hard to find a preference. I am with Pippa – it is a very personal choice. I think I too prefer the black and white version – but the colour does have a warm and soft look…

  11. These are both really gorgeous – but I think I prefer the colored version. It will make an awesome Christmas card.

  12. I agree, the black one is really striking. It looks like an engraving! Love your style.

  13. Wow, Rachel, these are both so beautiful. I really like the soft misty look of the building in the colored one.

  14. I like them both also! The first one is nice and crisp and the second so soft.

  15. Wow I love the black and white one! Hope your hubby is better soon.
    Niki from Everyday Matters group.

  16. Wow, Rachel, these are both wonderful!

  17. Mine is one more to add to all the raving comments you’ve got for this, Rachel. Your drawing is beautiful! As did many others, I liked the black and white version better. The violin scroll is really nice too. Good to see your work again :).

  18. Would’ve liked to view the drawings a bit bigger!

  19. yes. ok. it is alright i suppose, if i must.- not as good as the card you gave me though, or the painting on slate you gave me , or your smile, or your hugs, but apart from that nice pictures, i suppose

  20. Thank you Chris (other half of my other half’s mum). 😀

    Aditya – I see what you mean. It’s a tricky balance isn’t it, between not posting huge pictures thereby making the site really slow and annoying everyone with a maximum download on their broadband and including enough detail. I’ll try to make them a little bit bigger in future.

    Thanks everyone!

  21. Loved the card and now I’ve realised it’s one of your pics then it will be put in my keeps draw for future when I want to be reminded of good friends, who are talented and lovely.

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