[IF: Similar] Bits of violin

Evening all. Current work has focussed on my violin, just because it’s a nice shape and it doesn’t wilt if it takes me a few days to finish.



This is a continuation of my experiment into cross hatching.  The one on the left is the tail piece on my  previous voilin – it’s very curvy and gorgeous.  The one on the right is on my current violin. It’s older and kind of sounds curvier (if that makes any sense at all) but the tailpiece isn’t.  So there.



This is the scroll (and peg box) and I’m aware that on the fingerboard there appears to be a string missing.  That’s because I ended up with it in the wrong place but since it’s in ink I couldn’t rub it out and I couldn’t find the scalpel to scrape it away.  Doh.  It actually appeared to almost be along the edge of the fingerboard, but that means the spacing between the next 2 strings is all wrong too… I have real problems with things that need to be long, straight and negative.  Anyway I’m done with it now – time to move on.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the ink thing now.  With the scroll picture I was starting to get the hang of using the line direction to show contour, which might not come across very well at this scale, but it’s getting there.


~ by Rachel on December 2, 2008.

21 Responses to “[IF: Similar] Bits of violin”

  1. Rachel, this is gorgeous! & very intricate work, wow. Definitely the sort of detail ~ especially the scroll ~ I can imagine hanging on my wall.

    & I smiled about the not-wilting bit. =)

  2. Very nicely done. Good detail.
    The violin is one of my favorites to listen to along with the harp. No one would really see that the string was missing inless they counted the tunning knobs or know how many stings.
    I am glad I stopped by. Thanks.

  3. these are beautiful ink drawings–I see the cross hatching on the left tailpiece , the newer but older one is a bit more contour following in places–just marvelous on the neck scroll–reding about the missing string was fascinating—it still looks wonderful!

  4. I sure meant to say the tailpiece on my right as I look at the sketch…

  5. Your work is beautiful – the crosshatching really adds such volume and solidity to these pieces. I wouldn’t have noticed the missing string I’m so muscially challenged!

  6. Very nice, your violin is well worth the time to take notice of!

  7. These are lovely drawings – the detail is wonderful and shows real observation – well done!

  8. your sketches are very realistic and beautiful! I love the wood grain on the pegs– I probably wouldn’t have noticed the “missing string” if you didn’t mention it — even though I should have — I’m a violinist too….what kind of music do you play?

  9. Wow! You did a great job! And it’s done in ink? I never did ink drawing, too difficult for me.

  10. Wow, these are really terrific! I love how you captured the wood grain as well as the highlights on the wood.

  11. What voluptuous and beautifulful curves in the scroll…Love the pegs…Gorgeous tonal values…simply a delight all three!

  12. […] addition to some delightful botanical studies, she has been drawing her violin – so this post is not entirely […]

  13. Beautifully done – I blogged it at

    Hope you get heaps of views – your work deserves a wide audience 🙂

  14. Wow – thanks everyone! I might do a few more now I’m starting to get into it – violins are wonderful things to draw – so sculptural and the shape is so perfect they sometimes don’t feel man-made at all, more like they’ve grown out of a tree or something.

    Thanks again for all your lovely comments – it’s brilliant motivation to keep practicing! x

  15. really beautiful, i love the scroll!

  16. Beautiful drawings.

  17. Wow. It’s beautiful work even with a missing string. That just makes people look more carefully at the whole picture.

  18. You have really nailed the cross hatching – suits your style, looking forward to seeing loads more of it!

  19. Rachel, in response to your very insightful comment over at my Porch & just so you don’t have to jump back there:

    Thank you so much for the hints and tips. And I absolutely *know* about putting things on hold & letting things slip ~ different things for different phases, whether it is eating healthily or keeping the house neat, or art.

    I like the idea of pre-preparing meals! And I daresay this goes for pre-ironing things as well (something I’m very tardy with, I tend to iron what I need in the morning, or in extreme virtuous moments, the day before!)

    I have belonged to EDM for quite some time now, lurking more than participating, and I know it is because every week a challenge comes along, I think: “Nice. I will get around to it later. To do it *perfectly*.” Which of course means the week runs out before I know it, and then I feel overwhelmed by the idea of “catching up”. Time to make the commitment to actually jump into each weekly challenge!!

    And I find it a VERY important point to make time for some moving-the-body fun, since this is so invigorating. I don’t do it, because most of the time I feel so tired, but when I *do* get around to it, then suddenly I feel as if I could move mountains!

    You’ve given me so much food for thought. THANK YOU!

  20. The violin in brilliant…wow….so tender, so … musical!

  21. Really beautiful drawings, so nicely rendered.

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