Moleskine #1

Well I did it.  I’m not over-happy with this, but at least I’ve done something in it, so it’s no longer pristine.  The bottle is a bit wobbly – although it’s looking better in the photo than it did last night!  I definitely need to practice my cross-hatching though, and Steve’s recommended a finer pen, so it’s perseverance time.  Less procrastination.  Oooh look, the free paper’s here….


Two careful owners

Two careful owners

The idea of this one is that both of the objects are second hand to me and kind of fitted together.

They’re separate drawings though, which is why the shadows don’t really match.  I’d love to master cross-hatching – I’ve seen some great work with it but I’ve never really used it before.  Pen is so portable so if I could only get better at it… any advice is welcome.

Anyway, current plan is to do the same subject in different media, just to test the paper out.  It’s lovely paper isn’t it?  Quite happy just stroking it for ages actually.   Anyway yeah.  Practice.  Oooh the washing up needs doing…


~ by Rachel on November 25, 2008.

15 Responses to “Moleskine #1”

  1. Beautiful, Rachel!

    As an artist only now returning to pen art ~ yes, it took me this long to remember where my REAL passion lies ~ I am totally in love with what you did.

    Keep going, your work is very inspiring!

    (& perhaps I will soon reach the point of publishing some pen art as well! =)

  2. This is just wonderful! Can’t wait to watch your penwork evolve. I am also on a mission to find the right pens and learn hatchwork.

  3. this looks great! the lights and darks on the feather and bottle are really beautiful. i can’t wait to see more.

  4. After reading your message, I did not expect to find such a magnificent ink bottle and feather. WOW!

  5. egad, what do you not like, i think its brilliant. great lines and hatching.

  6. Wonderful!

  7. lovely lines, Rachel. very nice shadows, too.

  8. WOW very inspiring!

  9. That is a wonderful drawing. If the bottle is a bit wobbly it adds to the charm of the sketch. I think I’ll go get out an ink bottle and get to work.

  10. This looks really right and you should do more pen and ink. Keep with it!

  11. This looks really good! I especially like the shadow of the bottle.

  12. Hi it’s Tommo – totally irrelevant to picture but r3OK has moved to (It’s a bit late too)

  13. I really like this drawing. Great way to start a new Moleskine. the two elements fit together so well, I particularly like the antique sense I get from it.

  14. This is absolutely wonderful. I like the way the bottle reflects of the table. Very nice.

  15. This is charming. I love pen and ink and you handle it really well. Hope you’re continuing with it as planned…it suits your style.

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